This is a list of some key Girl Guiding publications and external resources used by Girls Guides South Australia.
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Girl Guides Australia Guide Lines

Guidelines online version 

Containing the policy, organisation
and rules of Girl Guides Australia.
Includes Managers Handbook 

and Activities Manual

Girl Guides South Australia 

Constitution (2017)

Outlines the rules that govern Girl

Guides South Australia.

Constitution   (May 2017)
 By Laws  (2020)





Non Member Children Attending Camp Policy

This policy explains all that you 
need to know about children who 
are not members attending a            
Guide Camp


Asbestos Policy 

Please read this policy if you think
you might have asbestos in your
hall.  This will give you information
about how to handle it.


Child Protection Policy

All that you need to know about our 
policy about keeping children safe         


Child Protection Procedures
This outlines what GGSA does
to keep children safe.





Complaint Handling Policy & Procedures

This policy documents the roles and
responsibilities of people and the 
resolution process.


Respectful Behaviour Policy & Procedure

This documents how to deal with a

       Diversity and Inclusion Policy         Groups in Recess
Diversity pages on GuideLines

Supporting documentation:
GGA Diversity and Inclusion Procedures 

GGA Guidance to Support Diversity and Inclusion in Guiding  

Introducing the Diversity and Inclusion Policy Procedure and Guidance Letter.pdf
        Groups in Recess v2.0  SA 2018

 Guide Development Fund Policy


Please refer to GuideLines
Risk pages

Let's Go Outdoors


A guide for getting younger Guides

outdoors.  One activity each week

for a term




GGA Framework for Public 
Advocacy and Partnerships

November 2014

A document designed to help Leaders and Managers
make good decisions about what charities/advocacy
issues to support with their Guides.


  GGA Social Media Policy

Social Media Guide Lines

GGSA Annual Report

Annual Report



Corporate Email Usage Policy

Corporate email usage helps staff and volunteers use their company email address appropriately.



Good Email Practice Guidelines

Email has revolutionised the way we communicate, but like all tools its effectiveness depends on how it is used. Here’s a checklist to run through before you hit "Send".



Record Keeping Policy

This document provides all the 
information about how long to keep  
documents for.