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 Unit Youth Health Form

(valid to end 2020) Check Guidelines Forms page for latest versions.
The ADM27 form is now a single page, and for routine and predictable unit activities, may be valid for up to one calendar year. The revised form consolidates the information required by Unit Leaders to undertake Girl Guiding activities. Parents/guardians are to provide further information on health and behavioural conditions identified on the ADM.27 form where relevant.

How to use the revised ADM.27:
*It is expected that Unit Leaders would request an ADM.27 form for each Girl Guide every calendar year. This form would then be 'current' for the period 1 January through to 31 December and would cover all routine and predictable activities undertaken during the term. This may include camps.
*If the check box of any health issue is ticked on the ADM.27, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide additional information to address the details of the behavioural or health issue, any required medication, and include a care/management plan as applicable.
*Should a Girl Guide have a temporary condition or be on medication temporarily (eg broken limb, antibiotics), the parent/guardian is to provide the relevant written information to the Unit Leader or Leader-in-charge (LiC). Likewise, the Unit Leader/LiC is also to be notified when the Girl Guide no longer requires the medication. In the case of ongoing conditions and treatment, eg epilepsy or asthma, the parent/guardian must note the validity period of the additional information. Any information supplied will only be valid until 31 December of that year.
*Should an activity, including adventure based activities and camps, be undertaken where the LiC is not the respective Unit Leader, an ADM.27 form (and additional health information and management plans if necessary) will need to be completed and handed to the LiC of the activity or camp.
Any earlier electronic or printed versions of the ADM.27 form are to be deleted / destroyed .ACOM 01 (2019)

GGSA 2020 Adult Application Form
This form is for registration of adult members.  All adult members of GGSA are female, pay a membership fee, may wear a uniform, and are required to be cleared to work with children.